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Dulwich College Yangon is delighted to announce that it will be opening its brand new boarding facility in August 2019. This will be the boarding house for students aged between 11 and 15. The students will enjoy top quality accommodation, situated in the safe, tranquil and green Star City estate less than 200 metres from the school campus. There will be a dedicated pastoral team, including a full time doctor and two experienced house parents.


A home away from home

The boarding house will be based on a British Boarding School model. The boys and girls will attend school with all of the other students, but will sleep in the boarding house. They will sleep in group rooms (dormitories) of between 2 and 4, depending on their age. This will be far more than a place to sleep though. There will be spaces for the students to work, there will be a common room for relaxation. In the evening and at weekends, there will be an extensive activities programme that will make use of the outstanding facilities at the Star City Campus. There is an Olympic sized swimming pool, a training pool, a double sized gym, extensive playing fields and access to a golf course. Downtown Yangon is approximately 30 minutes away.

A taste of independence

All the students at Dulwich are given the opportunity to develop new skills and to find out self-reliance. This will be particularly true for the boarders. They will be in a structured, safe and supported environment, but they will learn how to organise themselves. They will have the opportunity to cook for themselves, arrange their time and work independently. This will provide the perfect stepping stone for our students, all of whom have the aspiration of studying overseas.


The boarding house will be open for full time boarders who attend the school all the time, going home or to a guardian only for holidays and official breaks. Weekly boarders will stay in the house during the week and go home at weekends. Flexi boarders will stay for one or two nights per week, this can be arranged around events at school and requirements at home.

Application process

All boarders will be subject to the same admissions procedure as other students. They are also welcome to apply for a scholarship.