Founder's Bursary


Dulwich College Yangon schedule of fees and charges from January 2019.

Founder's Bursary –  from January 2019 onwards we will be awarding a $5,000 Founder’s Bursary which recognises the loyalty, commitment and pioneering spirit of our current and future parents, enabling the College to make a positive difference in our host country. The introduction of the Founder’s Bursary results in the following changes to our tuition fees:



Application Fee        $ 250 USD Non-Refundable

The Application Fee is payable once only before the testing of the student’s suitability for admission.

Deposit                       $3,000 USD Refundable*

The Deposit is payable once only upon acceptance of the student, before admittance to the College. It will be refunded when the student leaves the College, less any outstanding fees or charges subject to one full term’s notice (*see notice of leaving below).

Capital Levy              $1,500 USD per year

Non-Refundable (not applicable to Toddlers; only F1 and above)

If students join in Term 2, the capital levy will be an advance payment of $1,000; or $500 in advance if the student joins in Term 3. It is both Non-Refundable and Non-Transfer­able. The Capital Levy is used to cover the cost of construction and to accumulate sufficient capital funding for continuous renovation and upgrading of school equipment and facilities.

Sibling Discount      

Discounts on tuition fees will be applied for siblings who are registered at  DCY at the same time, as follows:

3rd child                                                        5% for that child

4th child and subsequent children     10% for each such child

School Bus Service   

Dulwich College Yangon will endeavor to provide a school bus for students who require such service. However, this may not be possible for distant locations and bus stops for fewer than three students. Please enquire for details of bus routes and charges.


All students must wear the Dulwich College school uniform. All uniform items are individually priced and can be purchased from the College.